The Beauty of Borneo

Borneo comprises of many islands and natives, each with a diverse ethnic background yet sharing similar novelties. Borneo Pearls has captured these novelties and reflected in its design works, mirroring the island’s natural diversity and the tides of change that have swept through over many centuries. Borneo’s people are a mosaic of culturally distinct indigenous groups scattered across the landscape.

Borneo Pearls in translation means The Beauty of Borneo, was founded in 1998. Getting our inspiration by the vast traditions of Borneo, which includes their wildlife, their unique wild plants, their many tribes and much more.

Borneo Pearls pays homage to all of the above by including it as a part of our “Company Logo”

Inspired by the spectacular Hornbill. The surroundings of the bold circle express the growth of sharing, connection & circle of life. The inner subtractions circle is distinguished as the eclipse. Natives of Borneo performs a spiritual ceremony when the eclipse reveals the full moon

The 7 diamond icon revolves the 7 main tribes of Borneo. Emphasizing it’s formal abstract of the main art element among the tribes. The whole purpose and intentions of the icon id the “Beginning and End of Life”

The Rosette Flower symbolizes “The Brave and The Warrior’s Spirit”. Among the man in Borneo, they often receive this symbol as a form of honour, great vaiance and protection particularly in battle

Symbolizes women & handicrafts. This icon expresses the woman skills, creativity and contribution among the crafts industry in Borneo

The “Circle of Life” portrays the man and woman of Borneo who sahres the equality of life and soul and for the generation to come continues this ancestral among the tribes of Borneo

Inspired by the many beauties of Borneo, Borneo Pearls dedicates it’s “Story Pendant” 160 different designs, each one tells it’s own story using all elements of it’s surrounding. Heritage, Ocean, Flora, Fauna and Forest.

Today Borneo Pearls give back to to nature for all that it has given us. Join us here as we venture into 2 very different but noble causes by helping our counterparts in Saving the orangutans of Borneo & protecting our corals and reefs with Reef Check Malaysia.