Mums are forever our biggest fans and strongest supporters! They deserve the best so why not pick our set of pearl studs? A set of Lustrous Pearls set in three different sizes – 5-6, 6-7 & 7-8mm. Available in 4 Colours option, White, Peach, Lavender & Black. Three Stunning Pearls in three different sizes 🙂 A romantic take on a timeless style, these beautiful natural pearl earrings are an everyday accessory that works with anything you pair with.

Pearl Size : 5-6mm , 6-7mm & 7-8mm

Choose Between: White, Peach, Lavender & Black

Packaging: Gift Box & Certificate of Authenticity

You can choose your pearl colors and pearl sizes

*Leave a note on your preferred pearl size and colors. You are allowed to mix and match your sizes *